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What is the Job Market for Web Developers?


in the last few years, there has been an explosion of companies offering to train people in web development through bootcamps, online instruction, classes, and nearly anything else to get people coding. the target audience for most of these are people who did not study coding in the past but now want to change career paths.

with so much excitement around start-ups and technology, coding know-how is becoming more and more an incredibly valued skill. but what can new web developers expect as they enter the development career marketplace?

when it comes to salary, there is some disagreement depending on what source you prefer. the united states department of labor suggests a range from as low as $33k to $105k. this is obviously quite a range and surely covers a wide spectrum of employment situations. other sources put the range from around $75k to $120k for web development positions.

in terms of job availability, the timing really could not be better for web developers. there are a plethora of jobs and not enough people with the right skills for hire. 61% of executives say they face recruitment challenges when it comes to highly skilled and technical positions. as the gap between qualified workers and unfilled jobs continues to grow, it is expected that the gap will grow even greater for those looking for web developers. as any business 101 class will teach you, high demand and low supply can certainly lead to price increases. in this case, price equals web developers’ salaries!

so strike while the iron is hot! i have a feeling in 400 years, they will look back at this time period and see anyone who cannot code as practically illiterate. while that might sound crazy, it is basically how we look at the past with regard to reading. perhaps the best part of it all, once you have those skills, you never what brilliant idea might strike you and inspire you to create your own start-up and become your own boss!

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