Why Men Should Consider Becoming a Nurse

Written by Peter Jones

Nurses have always been in high demand. That’s as true today as it always was, and the number and scope of nursing jobs is expanding every day. Nurses are more critical to the health care process then ever, and there is currently a shortage of qualified nurses! (And a shortage of primary care physicians… so nurses are even more in constant demand!)

As health care demands continue to increase—along with costs—nursing will become even more crucial. In the past, a career in nursing hasn’t been on the radars of many professional men, as it is a career more traditionally filled by women. But really, why not even consider an entire booming career path, one with opportunity for great compensation, job security, and other benefits that might increase your quality of life?

Here are some good reasons why men should roll up the sleeves of their scrubs and get involved.

Why not?

Would you tell your kid to overlook an entire in-demand and lucrative, rewarding career path just because it’s traditionally been a field for one gender or the other? Of course not. So why would you overlook it? The biggest obstacle you’d have to clear as a dude entering the profession would be your own gender stereotypes. Nursing is a highly valued and very sturdy career choice. Why let tired gender stereotypes keep this work only for the ladies?

If you’re reading this and considering nursing, congrats! You’re already over that hump! If you can be mentored and trained by highly competent women in a highly technical and demanding field, then you’re good to go.

Show you’re an enlightened guy and join this under-appreciated field. Then join an organization like the American Assembly of Men in Nursing for extra support while you break into your new career.

You can specialize.

Whatever picture you have in your head for what a nurse’s job is like, you’re probably wrong. But probably you also didn’t realize just how wide the options are for specialization in the field. Try any number of fields, such as anesthesia, flight, emergency, trauma nursing. Even middle management, nursing education, nurse practitioner work, oncology, psychiatry, pediatrics, and administration.

Find your interest, claim your niche, and pursue whichever part of this wide-ranging profession that interests you. Don’t get us wrong—you of course will have to start with the basics and build a solid foundation. But once you do, you have the freedom (and opportunity!) to make it your own.

You will likely be well-compensated.

Like in most professions, male nurses tend to out-earn female nurses.Hey, this might not be fair, but it’s true. Right out of the gate, you’re more likely to be compensated (more) fairly for your time and work. It’s a consistent and reliable career choice wherein you have a financial leg up. Just be sure once you get hired, you start fighting for fair pay for your female colleagues. After all, they’re just as qualified and overworked as you will be.

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