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Why You Should Stop Smiling So Much at Work

Written by Peter Jones

Everybody knows it’s useful to smile and be positive, especially in an interview situation—and even sometimes when speaking on the phone. But there is such a thing, if you can believe it, as smiling too much.

Studies suggest that people who appear super, super happy all the time can often appear naïve. Or people assume that extremely happy people tend to be overly trusting and shelter themselves from negative realities.

That’s a problem. But the bigger problem is that people in your office might be more apt to take advantage of you if they think they simply can. You might be used to help a coworker look better at your expense, or you might get more easily exploited when it comes time to divvy up projects and tasks.

You should also try and cut back on the smile wattage in the interview process as well—just to be safe. Don’t be negative or cold in any way, but maybe don’t go in grinning ear to ear and keep it up for the entire process.

Try to find a happy medium between a big wide grin and a joyless pout. Don’t be so animated that you overwhelm people and make it seem like you’re performing. But don’t be so closed off that you risk not showing your enthusiasm and warmth.

Find a happy medium and you should be a-okay.

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