Will Your Healthcare Job Be Done by a Machine in 20 Years?

Written by Jessie Liu

Technology has made our life so much easier in recent years. It is becoming an essential part of our life, performing manual and repetitive tasks for us in our daily life. But at the same time, machines can actually do some amazing things that would be impossible for human to achieve 5 years ago. We can all agree that advancement in technology has helped us. But what you really want to know is this: will your job be around in the future? Or will it be replaced by robots.

By looking at the pace of our technology advancement and how likely our jobs can be automated, researchers are able to estimate how technology will affect the job market in 20 years. Here are how likely some of the healthcare jobs could be done by machines in the future.

1. Massage Therapists

This job has a 54.1% chance of being replaced by a machine in the future.

massage therapists

2. Home Health Aides

This job has 38.5% chance of being automated.

home health Aides

3. Physician Assistants

If you are a physician assistant, you are safe. It only has 14.5% chance of being replaced by robots.

physician assistants


4. Occupational Therapists

Congratulation if you are an Occupational Therapist! Your job has only 0.3% chance of being automated and replaced by machine. A good career to go into if you are thinking about getting a job in the healthcare support field.

physician assistants

5. Medical Secretaries

According to the research, medical secretary jobs have a 81.5% chance of being done by machine in 2o years. Time to learn new skills!

medical secretaries

6. Medical Bill and Account Collectors

Unfortunately research shows that this job has a 94.7% chance of being automated in the future. If you are doing this job right now, make sure to sign up our job alert and start thinking of switching to a new job!

medical secretaries

7. Physical Therapists

If you are a Physical Therapist, you can releax. Your job has only a 2.1% chance of being done by a machine.

physician assistants

Check out the future of other jobs at npr.org if you want to learn more: Will Your Job Be Done By A Machine?

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