128 Words You Can Use Instead of “Very”

Written by Jessie Liu

Developing your professional reputation has a lot to do with the way you communicate with the people around you. The way you communicate can make or break your reputation. Sometimes the smallest things you say can have a drastic impact on how you are perceived. For instance, take the word “very”. We’ve all used “very” to describe things. Very big, very small, very good, very powerful, etc. But these are great examples of your language being overly simplistic. Even if you have an advanced degree in English literature, if you use the word “very” to describe something, then people may perceive you as someone who lacks an advanced understanding of the English language.

That being said, we’ve found an infographic detailing 128 words you can use instead of “very”.  These words should be used in it’s place when you are in formal situations such as the workplace.

words to use instead of very

Source: [ProofReadingServices]

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