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Top 10 Work From Home Jobs

Written by Peter Jones

Working from home sounds a little like winning the lottery, or having a pet unicorn. There are so many scams out there, but also real, valid employment opportunities that let you actually work from home. Though there are more than 50 scams to every legitimate posting, there are real jobs out there. These are particularly beneficial to parents who want to spend more time with their kids, military spouses who have to follow their partners to bases around the world, retirees, and anyone homebound by disability. But many entry-level workers are also increasingly attracted to these sorts of flexible positions. and some companies are seeing the cost-cutting merits of an increasingly telecommuting workforce.

Here are 10 of the best stay-at-home careers for you to look out for when weighing your prospects.

1. Virtual Assistant

some companies or individuals can’t afford a full-time employee but still need administrative and assistant help. if you’d make a great assistant and can set up a company of your own, or work for an existing one, this is a potential opportunity.

2. Medical Transcription

for a median wage of $17+ per hour, you could listen and type up doctors’ dictations. it often requires the ability to listen through thick accents, environmental noise, and even chewing, but it can be good work nonetheless.

3. Translating

If you’re fluent in more than one language, you can translate audio or text files—particularly with culture and idiomatic differences in mind. and this field is projected to increase by 29% in the coming decade, as more companies are willing to hire competent translators from different geographical locations. median hourly wage just under $21/hour, and government (highest paying) gigs paying a median annual wage of over $52k per year.

4. Web Development/Design

Most of the home-based hiring is now being done in the it sector. web developers and designers are in such high demand that it is one of the easiest fields in which to find remote work—if you have the relevant skills and talent.

5. Call Center Rep

Lots of call centers are giving way to home office workers staffed individually in their own location. some companies hire you directly, while others hire you as on a subcontract basis. pay might be by the minute, not the hour, and likely won’t include time spent between calls. But it’s still a decent gig.

6. Tech Support

Tech support specialists are also hired by call centers to work remotely. It’s considered one of the top work-from-home jobs and expected to increase by over 88,000 jobs in the coming years. If you’re tech savvy enough, it might be the move for you.

7. Travel Agent

If you’re well-traveled, good with logistical details, and a bit of an entrepreneur, you could easily start your own at-home travel agency. This business concept has increased markedly in the last decade, and is expected to grow even more.

8. Teacher

There are more and more opportunities out there for students to learn remotely. Another, similar option: marketing yourself as a private, virtual tutor.

9. Writing/Editing

Long considered the white whale of employment opportunities, there are real jobs to be found out there in this field. writing blog posts, revenue sharing, proofreading—these are only some of the gigs you could get.

10. Franchise Ownership

Owning a business can be the key to your financial freedom—and to never having to go into an office again. franchises are an easy first option, as most of the most complicated legwork was already completed for you in advance. the best bets involve the newest trends in the green movement, wellness, or technology.

Do be wary of scams. make sure the hirer is an actual, established company, that the posting includes its real name and an actual email with that company’s name in the address, that there is an hr contact available for questions you might have, that it contains similar information about perks and compensation that a “normal” job description might include, that there is an application/interview process of some kind, and that samples of your work and/or references are requested.

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