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You’ve Got an Interview—Now What?

Written by Jessie Liu

What excitement! After pouring over classified ads for jobs for what seems like an eternity and putting in applications, you have an interview scheduled for a job you would really like to get. Now is the time to prepare so you can ace it. The recruiter’s job is to find the best person for the position, so your focus should be to prove you’re just that.

Here are a few handy tips for how you can impress the interviewer with your preparation and poise.

1. Check Out the Company

You don’t want to go in for your interview without doing some research on the company. While having good background information is necessary, you are also finding out about the company culture. Don’t just look at the company website. Check out the blog page, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages, along with the YouTube channel if the company has one. Employee photos can tell you about dress style, the way employees interact with each other, and other information you can use to your advantage.

2. Find Out Who Is Doing the Interviewing

The way you respond to interview questions depends on the interviewer. Is it the CEO of the company, a hiring manager, or the person who will be supervising your job? It can make a difference, since you want to make a connection with that person. Tailoring your answers to a specific individual, such as talking about how you would be a good person to handle job duties when talking to a supervisor, can leave a positive impression.

3. Research the Salary Range

One subject that can make you uncomfortable is asking for a particular salary. Do a little research beforehand on the typical range paid for the job you seek. By submitting a range, it gives the company some leeway and makes it more likely you will get a job offer.

4. Be on Time

To make a good impression, it’s important to be on time for your interview. You won’t arrive nervous, and you’ll have a chance to freshen up if you desire. Showing up a few minutes early also gives you a chance to look around and get acclimated.

5. Make a Positive Impression

From the receptionist to the interviewer, you want to watch your body language, smile, make eye contact, and be friendly. Remember to shake hands with the interviewer and use a firm (but not too firm) grip. You’ll be talking quite a bit to answer questions and ask your own during the interview. If someone offers you something to drink, accept it as you would in someone’s home—it will soothe your parched throat as you extol how you would be a positive addition to the company.

6. Be Prepared

Bring a few extras along with you to the interview, such as a notebook and pen in case you want to take notes. Whether applying for a job in finance, an office manager job, or any other job type, taking notes can help you remember important details. An extra copy or two of your resume might also be a good idea, along with examples of what you have accomplished in previous jobs. You might also want to bring along a list of questions you want to ask.

7. Ask Questions

Having curiosity about a job shows you are interested. Come prepared with a list of questions so you can ask about anything that needs clarification. This might include daily office routines, company policies, or the timeline for choosing a candidate for the position. When the interview is over, remember to ask when you might hear back about your prospects for the job.

8. Follow Up

It is just good manners to follow up an interview with a thank you note. While you can send notes in the form of an email, make sure to send them separately to each individual who was present during your interview. This more personal approach will stand out.

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