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10 Useful Apps You’re Not Using That You Need to Download

Written by Peter Jones

You’re already tethered to your smartphone, why not start making the best of it? You might think you know everything there is to know about your phone, and possibly that it knows everything it needs to know about you, but there are still plenty of ways it can surprise you—and even help to make your work and play run that much more smoothly.

Here are a few amazing apps you may have overlooked. Check out some of these hidden gems to unlock even more potential in your person-to-smartphone relationship.

1. Clips

Free! Like the idea of Snapchat sometimes, but can’t commit? Apple’s Clips lets you shoot still and video shots with wacky filters. Add in Live Titles, which are subtitles you create simply by speaking, and you’re in business. It’s Snapchat for grown-ups and the terminally ironic.

2. Proshot

Want to improve your photography skills? No matter your skill level, this app can help you unlock advanced features in your device to help you take higher quality photos with better focus and light.

3. Goodlook

Never know what to wear? Keep up with the trends with daily looks and useful fashion and beauty tips. Figure out what to shop for and how to combine the clothing you already have to stay on trend.

4. Remote Mouse

Turn your phone into a remote for your computer. Say your keyboard is low on battery, but you want to watch a movie or give a presentation? No problem!

5. App Detox

We all have that app—or those 10 apps—that eat up all of our time. Android users, you’re in luck. This app helps you distance yourself from your smart phone by blocking access to certain apps for a time period of your choosing. Very useful when you need to study or work and can’t be checking Twitter every five minutes.

6. Moleskine Timepage

Love having everything on your device, but miss the stylish days of your old Moleskine planner? Now you can have it all. A smart calendar/planner that is as stylish as it is functional and sexier than its counterparts. Works with existing calendars like iCloud, Facebook, and Google.

7. Just Press Record

Not impressed with Voice Memos anymore? Try this one-tap recording app that works across Apple products and even boasts built-in transcription for note taking—in multiple languages. You can even search your recordings for specific terms. You’re welcome.

8. Patronus

A personal security app named after a spell in Harry Potter? Yes please. With mobile 911 service (much more accurate than cell tower locations!) and location sharing, plus an “On My Way” feature that lets you share your location, destination, and progress with your contacts. It takes a village!

9. Signal

Move to fully encrypted communication in this scary world. WhatsApp is a bit behind the ball on this, so go straight to the source with Signal. It’s free all-in-one messaging with voice call functionality. You can even send media with the same protections. This one is very easy to use and is open source.

10. Clap! Phone Finder

Lose your phone a lot, only to find it by your toaster where you left it? This combines the find-your-phone technology with the old clap-on-clap-off satisfaction. Simply clap your hands to activate your phone to produce a customizable sound. Bonus? This app consumes very low amounts of battery power, so it won’t drain you while it runs.

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