Changing Jobs

5 Clues It’s Time to Get a New Job

Written by Peter Jones

Most people are totally excited on the first day of a new job. But after a few months (or years), we can start to lose the love a little. Here are 5 ways to tell whether you’re just bored or if you really should look for another job.

1. Your boss is a jerk

Seriously. She puts you down, publicly. She blows up at you in front of everyone. She snaps at you regularly. This is not good boss behavior. Remember, a good boss will do everything they can to help you succeed and encourage you to grow and improve until you’re delivering your best work. This is in her best interest. If your boss is all nasty and no nurture, it may be time to move on.

2. You dread work

You come home running on empty—emotionally and physically and mentally exhausted. And the thought of going back in the morning, or on Monday, fills you with dread. If you feel actual knots in your stomach at the idea of going in to work, it might be time to think about a change.

3. You’re too busy to breathe

You’re so busy that you only leave the office to shower and sleep (and even then, not for very long). You’re always on your email or your work phone. And weekends? Haven’t had one of those in months.

Remember, if you’re this busy there’s no way you’re actually doing good work. You don’t have time to think! Have a conversation with your boss about taking better care of yourself, managing things, delegating perhaps, and about having at least one day off to recharge. If you can’t get these boundaries set up, you should leave before you burn out completely.

4. You’re so bored

Seriously, you can hardly make it through the day. You’ve started yawning—not because you’re tired, but because your job is so brain-numbingly boring that you can’t focus or stay awake. If you have one of these jobs where management would rather you have your butt in your chair all day than actually be productive, then you might be better off somewhere else.

5. You want something different

Wanting to move on to something new or different is natural. Maybe you want a new challenge! Or a change of scenery! Keep in mind you might not have to go nuclear to get this. See if there are any positions in different departments within your company. If you could see this solving the problem, it might be easier than a career change. If you listen to yourself and confront your situation honestly, you’ll know when it’s really time to go.

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