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Top 5 Lucrative Tech Careers You Should Consider

5 lucrative tech careers to consider
Written by Miranda Pennington

don’t let the prospect of tedious, isolated computer work dissuade you from exploring careers in it—there are more engaging and compelling options to consider! take a look at this list from aftercollege’s joy miller.


big data scientist

as the name implies, this is the big-picture approach to data analysis—you’d be responsible for developing programs and systems to house and investigate data. your ingenuity and creativity will help you identify trends and insightful conclusions, solve problems, and propose areas for growth or company innovation.

these positions can pay as much as $188,000 annually, so it’s worth the time and labor-intensive demands of the gig.


computer forensic investigator

make the most of your interest in law enforcement and pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer forensics, information security, or cyber security—you can even get a certification from a computer examiner board. with it, you can help law enforcement and investigative agencies solve crimes and testify at trial. average salaries can run to $91k.


geospatial analyst

even bigger than big data is an analyst that works with global geography and modern technology. where are people living and working and moving, what models can help us predict or analyze their behavior, and what technological resources can help accommodate and address their needs?

certifications in geospatial intelligence analytics, cartography, or related fields can help you earn as much as $74k.


software engineer

if your degree is in software engineering, computer science, or a related field, chances are you already know about the countless opportunities available to people who can design games, create apps, and write code. whether you find an in-office gig or stay flexible as a freelancing contractor, you could potentially stand to earn as much as $93k.


it consultant

the classic it gig involves finding a company where you’d like to work—based on their products, their mission statement, or even just the team you’d get to work with, from a start-up to a massive corporation—and getting your foot in the door. whether you take the late shift or the daily grind, you may earn as much as $94k.


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