9 Professional Lessons from Donald Trump

Written by Kate Lopaze

Hate him or love him, Donald Trump has proved to be an…ummm, colorful addition to the 2016 presidential race. But long before he was wearing those Make Donald Trump Again hats, he was a go-to resource for flashy business entrepreneurtainment.

Now, we’re not recommending a full on Trump-ification of your professional life, but here are some things we’ve learned from him (even if it’s what not to do) that could be applied to our own careers.

1. Never let them forget your name.

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2. How ’bout a little flash?

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3. Try new things.

4. Be ready for the unexpected.

5. Don’t take your job for granted.

6. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

(Unless you do hate the player—in which case don’t go on a Twitter tirade against said player.)

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7. Sometimes you just need a break.

8. You’re not here to make friends.

9. It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.

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Oh, and this goes without saying. Don’t sell steaks at sharper image. You will fail. Period.

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