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Can a Recruiter Help You Find the Perfect Healthcare Job?

Written by Jessie Liu

Graduation is over, and now you are looking for a job in health care. There are jobs available. and your credentials are great. Getting the job is one third training, one third hard work and one third moxie. Looking to people who are trained to put you in the job market may seem like a good idea. Many recruiters have a background in human resources and the contacts that are necessary to find work. However, having a recruiter is not for everyone, and deciding where you fit in is key.

Needing a Recruiter

Not everyone needs a recruiter. There are great job search sites available that let you search for yourself. Jobs that are more complex might benefit from a recruiter’s input. Deciding whether it is right for you takes forethought.

Connecting With Your Recruiter

Finding a recruiter that wants to know what you want in a job, how you feel about doing the work you do and what sort of work/life balance you are looking for is essential. This is a two-way street; however, and keeping your recruiter informed and up to date is important. A good recruiter will answer your questions honestly no matter if the truth is difficult to take. If a recruiter treats you professionally, that is a plus. If the recruiter becomes aggressive on the phone, it is not a good sign.

Looking for the Right Recruiter

Checking out a recruiter can be done online. Looking at the recruiter’s website may tell you how successful he or she is. Many recruiters will post a client list and where they found jobs for their clients. Although some health care jobs are attained by promoting from within, not all companies do that. Finding a recruiter who knows people at a hospital might mean that when a job for which you are qualified becomes available, the recruiter will hear about it early on and mention it to you.

Getting referrals for a recruiter is a good idea. Friends, family or a source book helps you choose. Send your resume to several recruiters, then call them. This gives you and the recruiter an introduction to one another, and it’s simpler to see how well you sync with them.

Determine the Recruiter’s Employer

There are two types of recruiters: internal and external. An internal recruiter works directly for a company. It’s easy to spot since their email will most likely note that. Remember, this type of recruiter is like meeting with corporate, so dress and act appropriately for a meeting. External recruiters usually work for a recruiting company. Other external recruiters are independent, and checking out their experience and training is necessary.

Check to See If the Recruiter Is Reputable

Checking out the recruiter is easier than many job seekers think. Looking at the recruiter’s credentials or on LinkedIn might give you an idea how long he or she has been in business. It can also reveal a history of working with different companies, and the jobs the recruiter might have available. Remember, a recruiter does not try to find jobs for someone seeking employment. Rather, a recruiter tries to find the right employee for a particular job. Sometimes, recruiters work on commission, causing them to become aggressive, which could dash the job seeker’s employment chances. Ask the recruiter about their experience and how often a job match was found for employers and employees. It’s also important to find out if the recruiter is representing an employer directly or is trying to approach an employer with candidates.

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