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10 High Paying Jobs For People That Really Hate Stress

Written by Peter Jones

Nearly everybody needs to work. But sometimes we think that in order to make decent money, we have to work slavish hours, answer emails at any time of night, and sacrifice all semblance of a personal life. It’s called “work” for a reason, right?

But what if that were not the case? It is possible to get a low-stress, fairly easy job that pays well. Most require some advanced education, but there are plenty out there that are attainable with only a bachelor’s degree and some finesse. Start planning for how you’ll land yours and stop stressing!

Here are 10 of the best low-stress, high paying jobs.

1. Orthodontist

This is definitely a career path for which you’ll have to get some serious schooling—at least four years of dental school and a year or two of residency training. But the average annual salary is over $196k and the stress is relatively low. Put in the work early on, and reap the benefits later!

2. Economist

You might think the economy is a stressful thing, but the theory probably less so than the practice. You can get started in this field with just a bachelor’s degree, and the average pay is just over $100k per year.

3. Video Game Player

No really, this is a job. You won’t get benefits, but you don’t need any special education, plus it’s fun. Test out new games and make around $50k while you’re at it.

4. Power Plant Operator

Paging Homer Simpson. You might be horrified to find out that this job requires only a vocational degree. Though it really only involves the flipping of switches—and you get lots of training (and donuts) on the job. The average pay is around $73k per year.

5. Massage Therapist

If you have strong hands and like to help people, then you could make around $51k per year massaging people. And in creating a de-stressing environment for them, you won’t be able to help but de-stress yourself. You only need a certificate to start.

6. Optometrist

Kind of along the same lines as orthodontist, this job is fairly stress-free as the medical profession goes. You’ll have to do some studying, and learn all there is to know about eyes, but you can make up to $125k per year.

7. Personal Trainer

Like to work out? Like to watch other people working out even more? Don’t mind spending your time in the gym? Get yourself certified, show up in your sweatpants, and start raking in the cash. The median annual salary for personal trainers is around $55k.

8. Actuary

Ever wonder who assesses financial costs of risk for companies? Get yourself a bachelor’s degree and pass a few certification exams, and it could be you. The stress is relatively low and you can make an average annual salary of over $107k.

9. Art Director

Not so great with the STEM fields? Have a good eye for visuals and a savvy for design? Then all you need is a bachelor’s degree and some experience to start helping different media look better put together. Average annual salary is well over $96k.

10. Statistician

Love math? Make an average salary of over $83k per year for collecting and analyzing data and numbers in a variety of fields—just you and your nerdiness and peace and quiet. Only trouble is, you might need a graduate degree. But once you have it, you’ll have it made in the stress-free shade.

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