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Job Spotlight: Trucking Dispatcher

Written by Miranda Pennington

though trucking is one of the most in-demand professions today due to the increasing demands of local shipping needs, the newest, shiniest fleet of big rigs can’t run itself—it needs drivers, and just as important, it needs dispatchers!

and, as the folks at careersingear.com know, it needs good dispatchers.

dispatchers typically have the following responsibilities:

  • arranging loads for pickup and delivery and coordinating with the drivers
  • determining which truckers and vehicles are appropriate for each load (looking at both vehicle specifications and driver qualifications)
  • determining routes for drivers making multiple stops
  • scheduling loads by urgency
  • using radio/cb, phone and computer to distribute assignments
  • gathering data for reports, records, and vehicle logs to compile statistics

some dispatchers work locally or regionally, and others specialize in long-distance hauls—their purview may include coordinating with different forms of transportation, such as barges, planes and tractor-trailers.

a great dispatcher will also be good with people, have a cool head in a stressful situation, be well-organized and efficient, focused and flexible, and be prepared to adapt quickly to changes on the job. as of may 2014, the job salary ranges from $38k to $60k a year, depending on employer and the specialized responsibilities of the individual dispatchers.

the majority of dispatchers can be found in california, texas, new york, florida, and illinois. 80% of dispatchers have their high school diploma or ged; there is no college course of study, but you can sign up for specific training program or train on the job. plenty of truckers recommend gaining some experience on the road before stepping behind the mic—it’ll build your credibility and provide valuable situational expertise.

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