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Job surge: careers that are currently on the rise

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Written by Eric Titner

There’s no denying that we’re currently in an extremely uncertain job environment, with everything from a persistent global pandemic and its resulting economic and social impact to waves of technological innovation forcing an evolution in how business is done at every level. In such a volatile environment, it can be a challenge for today’s businesses just to keep up and stay viable and afloat.

That said, opportunities exist even in the most volatile job markets. Although 2021 will most likely be remembered as a time of considerable disruption, those who are able to grab success from the mouth of uncertainty will likely have realized that it was also a time for reinvention, and that putting in the work to take advantage of emerging trends can yield positive results.

The following fields represent areas of real growth within the work world through 2021 and into the foreseeable future, and the great news is that opportunities in each can be found across many industries.

Mental health support

Of course, 2020 was a difficult year on many levels. Adjusting to the new rules of living thrust upon us nearly overnight as the pandemic emerged certainly took its toll, and our work lives were no exception. Although each of us had different obstacles and distractions when pivoting to remote work and maintaining appropriate levels of connectedness and productivity in tough times, one thing that united nearly all of us was the fact that 2020 was a real challenge.

Now, in the early months of 2021, things have not changed significantly. Companies across industries, from lean start-ups to huge multinational conglomerates, are taking notice of this and responding accordingly with additional support services to help their employees stay healthy and navigate forward. This includes mental health support services, with both on-staff experts to help workers and their families as well as additional benefits to help cover the costs of seeking and connecting with professionals. Having staff members who are healthy and doing well benefits employers and employees alike, so it’s no surprise that more and more opportunities for mental health support professionals are appearing.

Business development

In today’s rocky work world, companies eager to outpace the competition and position themselves for post-pandemic success are turning their focus to new business opportunities and potential revenue channels. As a result, companies are increasing their engagement with business development professionals at all levels in an effort to find new customers for their products and services. They’re even tailoring their offerings to fit changes in how companies are operating and people are living their lives—which may have accelerated during the pandemic, but reflects trends that have been occurring for a while and will likely persist in the post-pandemic world. Therefore, if you have the interest and ability to embark on a career in business development, or have a desire to learn more about what it takes to be successful in this space, there is no better time than now to get started.

Diversity experts

These days, companies are more conscious than ever before of the importance and benefit of supporting equity, equality, and diversity—both in the workplace and in the world at large. 2020 was a touchstone year for bringing these issues to the forefront of social consciousness, and hopefully, this continues through 2021 and beyond. Companies have already made commitments to promote and support greater workplace diversity, which means that the need for experts within their teams—to provide education and information as well as ensure that key goals are being met—continues to grow. That means opportunities for experts in this field abound.

If you’re at a crossroads in your career journey, either by choice or circumstance, it may be a good idea to consider one of the in-demand paths mentioned here as your next possible step. Good luck!

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Eric Titner

Eric is a NYC-based editor and writer, with years of experience in career-focused content development across a wide range of industries.