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The 15 Most Popular Jobs in the US And How Much They Pay

Written by Peter Jones

ever wonder what the career landscape of the country looks like? here are the most popular jobs in the us, according to a survey citing employment data from over 1 million businesses as of may 2015–and their average annual salaries.

1. office supervisor

this title covers first-line supervision of office and admin employees. nearly 1.5 million people have this job in the u.s, and the average pay is $56k per year.

2. bookkeeping, accounting, auditing

clerks in this field, numbering over 1.5 million, make an average of just under $39k per year.

3. truck driver

driving heavy or tractor-trailer trucks is more popular than you might expect, with nearly 1.7 million truckers out there, making an average of $42.5k per year.

4. order filler/stock clerk

nearly 2 million people pay their bills this way. the average pay for this position is $26k per year.

5. gm or operations manager

just over 2 million people do this for a living and take home an average of almost $120k per year.

6. janitor or industrial cleaner

professional cleaners who don’t work in domestic situations (over 2 million!) make an average of $26k per year.

7. secretary or administrative assistant

not including legal, medical, or executive assistants, there are nearly $2.3 million americans doing this, making an average of $35k per year.

8. laborer/freight, stock, or material mover

nearly 2.5 million people in the u.s. are doing this heavy labor and taking home an average of just under $28k per year.

9. waitstaff

2.5 million people serve in restaurants in our country. the average annual pay is about $23k.

10. customer service rep

this country employs nearly 2.6 million customer service reps, making an average of $34.5k per year.

11. registered nurse

there are more than 2.7 million registered nurses in the u.s. making an average salary of $71k per year.

12. office clerk

over 2.9 million people work as office clerks, making just under $32k per year on average.

13. food prep and service workers

including fast food jobs, we’re talking over 3.2 million workers, making less than $20k per year.

14. cashier

with an average annual salary of just under $21k per year, there are almost 3.5 million cashiers out there.

15. retail salesperson

retail sales is by far the most popular job in the u.s. these days, with over 4.6 million workers. the average annual pay is just over $26k.

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