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The 5 Worst Ways to Hunt for a Job

Written by Peter Jones

Doing everything right and still not getting the gig? Make sure you’re not breaking any of these five hard-and-fast rules before despairing. The problem could be your strategy!

1. Getting stuck in search engines

For every online application you submit, try to find an ‘in’ somewhere instead. Troll your LinkedIn for personal connections. Reach out. Use your network. That direct introduction could be the difference between an online application and an actual interview. Instead of doing keyword job searches, sign up to get Job Matches based on your entire profile.

2. Applying to everything

You’re amazing and you’re versatile, but you’re not qualified for everything. Make sure you’re not applying blind to absolutely every job, no matter whether you are qualified. Or, if you don’t look right on paper but can make a case for yourself, try and reach out directly to the hiring manager. If you’re not matching up to job requirements, consider taking a class or honing a new skill for the next round of applications.

3. Expecting a break

Sure, you’re a fast learner. But sometimes a company wants to hire someone who can jump right in the ring. Being a “fast learner” is great, but don’t expect that that will always get you through the door. Focus your energy instead on convincing your interviewer why you’d actually be perfect for the job, rather than claiming you can catch up as you go along.

4. Being too aggressive

Okay, we get it. You’re looking for work. But networking is networking. Allow time to build a relationship before sticking your resume in a new connection’s face. Try and build a real relationship before you start asking for favors—or a job!

5. Calling too much

If you haven’t heard anything, play it cool. A simple, respectful follow-up email checking on their decision-making timeline will do fine. There’s a difference between proactivity and desperation. Make sure you’re on the good side.

If you’re guilty of any of these five faux pas, consider trying a new strategy. These common sense guidelines should be a productive start.

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