The Internships That Let You Travel The World

Written by Peter Jones

Most interns slave away in an office, 40 hours a week, filing and fetching coffee. Some travel the world. It isn’t the easiest sort of gig to find, but it is out there.

Cruise the Seas for Cash

For example, Royal Caribbean UK & Ireland are currently searching for a summer intern—an Instagram user, age 21 or older, who wants to sail the seas this summer—on them! See Beijing, New York, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Barcelona…. And you’ll earn money: £3,000, which is about $3,700.

All you need to do is own a smartphone and have a demonstrable ability to “capture stunning views, extraordinary experiences, beautiful sunsets and amazing stories on social media”—and be savvy with all 23 filters.

If this sounds like the job for you, you’d be looking at perks like water slides and ice cream buffets, not to mention swimming pools and tons of other free things.

Get Paid to Chug

If you get seasick, however, you could consider another wildly exciting internship—this one drinking beer. World of Beer is looking for interns to travel the world and… drink beer. Imagine a tour of the best beer-drinking cities in the world, and you sampling their finest wares.

This internship actually pays $12,000. So you can make more than your roommate who’s working for Merrill Lynch for nothing. You’ll have to really really like beer, but if you have the requisite passion, you just might have it made.

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