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These 7 jobs require very little experience

Written by Peter Jones

Maybe you’re desperate for a job and have had trouble finding one that fits your life. Maybe you’re fresh out of high school with a very short resume. Maybe you’re looking for a career change and want something totally new. The trouble is, everything out there is asking for “3-5 years” experience and you have none. You ask yourself how you’re supposed to get that experience without getting hired first… and then you beat your head against your desk.

Don’t despair! Here are 7 perfectly respectable jobs that will hire you with little-to-no experience. Some will give you on-the-job training and some will ask you to take a course before you begin, but all you can approach as a newbie.

1. Delivery Person

If you can drive and possess a valid license and a clean driving record, you can deliver. Most delivery jobs only require a high school diploma (or equivalent) to get started. Though this job can be tiring and physically demanding, you can expect to make an average of $13 an hour and work flexible hours.

2. Bill Collector

As long as you have your high school diploma or equivalent and a good phone manner, you could make an hourly rate of more than $15 an hour by working for third-party collection agencies. Most organizations do not require prior experience and offer on-the-job training.

3. Bartender

You’ll probably need to attend some sort of bartending school, but once you do, you can make great money (an average of $10/hr, but before tips) making and serving drinks.

4. School Bus Driver

If you have a clean driving (and criminal) record and the patience to hang out with children two times a day, then you can make an average of $15/hr driving them to and from school. This job might even come with decent benefits in some school districts.

5. Real Estate Broker

This one will take a little start-up money and a lot of legwork to get started, but can be a great career path. All you need is to take a course and pass a test to get your license. Then there’s another test to become a full-fledged broker on your own. But you can work for yourself, design your own hours, and make a national average of $56k per year.

6. Human Resources Assistant

Gain your own experience behind the scenes at a company by working for an HR department. Good administrative skills and customer service manner are very helpful, but in many places you’ll only really need a high school diploma or equivalent beyond those basic skills. The money is decent (national average is $15/hr) and you have the opportunity to work your way up the ladder.

7. Library Tech

Yes, libraries are still a thing. And being a librarian takes years of school and multiple degrees, but being a library technician usually doesn’t. Assist the head librarians in organizing, ordering new materials, shelving books and magazines, and helping patrons. You’ll want to buff up on your people and computer skills, but otherwise you’ll only need your diploma in many places to get hired and make an average of $14/hr.

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