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10 Time Management Strategies That Are The Key to Life Success

Written by Peter Jones

Feel stressed? Despite knowing you have the talent and the drive to achieve real success, do you just constantly find yourself on the wrong side of an insurmountable pile of tasks and often feel discouraged? Don’t worry too much. You just need a reboot of your time management skill set and develop better time management strategies.

The trick is to organize your tasks and projects in a system that works for you and will work no matter what stress a random crisis adds. You’ll find your stress level in general comes down considerably if you can find your own time management groove.

Make the most of the 24 hours given to you each day with these 10 time management strategies.

1. Learn to Triage

Step one is to figure out what your major goals and most pressing projects are, and then to put those at the top of your priorities list. Then rank the rest in order of importance. Start each day by assessing what you have to do and focusing your immediate energy on the most important tasks.

2. Make a List, Check It Twice

You’ll have to focus your energy on big ticket items first, but you also want to make sure you set up regular time to work on the things that get pushed to the bottom of the list so nothing falls through the cracks. Find a system that works for you that means you get the most pressing things done first, but also regularly cycle all the way through your list.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Delegate

Once you have your system in place, there will be a few things that you can put on someone else’s desk. Don’t hesitate to do this. It’s a necessary leadership skill, and it will help you keep focused on the things requiring your unique attention.

4. Set Deadlines, Even If They’re Fake

You’d be amazed at how much more you can get done when under deadlines. Make a calendar of when your projects are due to your superiors or coworkers. Then add in some deadlines of your own—just remember to hold yourself to them.

5. Practice the Best De-stressing Method You Know

No matter how organized you are, stress can derail you if you let it spiral out of control. Find ways to relax and reconnect so physical and mental weariness never keep you off your game. Sleep!

6. Pick Your Battles

Don’t obsess over the insignificant or unimportant. Figure out what really requires your energy and effort, and fix that spotlight where it most needs to be.

7. Don’t Stop Once You Find Momentum

Do whatever you can to pick up speed in your new system, and then start riding that high. Continue picking up speed as you cross projects off your list. Don’t break your pace!

8. Concentrate on One Thing at a Time

Multitasking isn’t always the answer. You might find you’re most productive when you focus on one thing at a time and get more things done overall.

9. Time Yourself

If procrastination is a problem for you, consider working in 25 or 45 minute intervals with regular breaks. That way you know you’re only ever a countdown away from a Facebook break, but you’re also guaranteed to power through some work. This works best if you turn off notifications on your phone. Put it in a drawer during your work intervals!

10. Get Started—Now!

You’ll never get anywhere in your system if you never set one up. Act now. Start early. And get it done. You’ll be delighted with the results.

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