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Top skills to put on your resume

Written by Randy Stancovici

On average, recruiters will only spend six seconds reviewing your resume. In those six seconds, they will decide whether you’re worth bringing in for an interview or not. How do you go about using a piece of paper to convince a complete stranger that you’re qualified for a job?

The answer is simple: skills. Skills are basically keywords that highlight how qualified you are. You have to remember, recruiters, aren’t always well-versed in the job you’re applying to. Their knowledge of it may be limited. As such, they will be scanning for relevant skills and keywords to give them an idea as to how qualified you really are. So it’s important to make sure you highlight the right skills.



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Randy Stancovici

Randy graduated Baruch College with his BBA in Marketing in 2016. He is the Content Strategist for PandoLogic, where he is involved in content marketing, promotion, and SEO.