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Why Job Hopping is Great for Your Career

Written by Peter Jones

The old days of being stigmatized for switching jobs too frequently are behind us. There’s even research to suggest that workers who stay at the same job for longer than two years end up being paid less, while workers who continue to seek new opportunities are quicker to learn, better at making first impressions, and more successful. Certainly they’re more adaptable, keeping their skills sharper and their strategizing more efficient.

Keep these following tips in mind if you think the job hopping lifestyle is for you.

Keep it internal

You can even hop between jobs at the same company, if that kind of loyalty is important to you. The main thing is keeping yourself sharp and engaged in the work you’re doing—and never letting yourself get bored.

Don’t hide your true self

If you’re a job hopper, consider selling this a strength, rather than hiding it as a weakness. Build your constant striving for bigger and better challenges into your hiring narrative. As long as you haven’t left a trail of burnt bridges in your wake, chances are you can make this trait an asset in an interview.

While the stigma continues to fade, make sure to actively sell this aspect of your application in the hiring process. Being up front about it will help to assuage whatever doubts a more recalcitrant hiring manager might have about your resume.

Know it’s never too late

Finally, there’s nothing out there that says older workers can’t be job hoppers as well! They day you decide you’re done learning is the day you’d better think about retirement. Keep on chasing those pots of gold—learning new skills and seeking new challenges.

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