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5 Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

part time jobs that pay well
Written by Joanna Hughes

What kind of job allows you to work less and yet earn more? While the question may sound like a riddle, it’s actually a reality when it comes to several high-paying part-time jobs. Let’s count down five of the most sought after part-time positions, along with how to score one.

1. Management Analyst

According to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, management analysts require only a bachelor’s degree, less than five years of experience, no specific on-the-job training and yet make an average of $37.79 per hour. Even better? Because most accountants work on a contractual basis, they can set their own hours.

Also called management consultants, these professionals evaluate an organization’s efficiency and propose strategies to trim costs and increase revenues. While it’s not required, a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) can boost your appeal to potential employers. Additionally, prior work experience in a number of different fields — from human resources to information technology — can help you gain an inside edge.

Not only is the pay high, but the demand is, as well: between now and 2022, the accounting profession is expected to grow by a significant 20 percent.

2. Fitness Instructor

From yoga to Zumba, fitness instructors lead individuals of all ages and skill levels as well as groups in any number of different fitness classes.

While on paper the pay may not in itself be extraordinary — an average of $15.25 per hour — working as a fitness instructor requires no education beyond the high school diploma or its equivalent, although many fitness instructors do choose to pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a health or fitness related field, such as physical education, kinesiology, or exercise science.

With a projected growth rate of 13 percent between now and 2022, job security for fitness instructors is promising. Not to mention the flexibility to work early morning and evening hours depending on your individual scheduling needs.

3. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers communicate ideas through visual concepts and help with layout and production design for a variety of print materials. In 2012, nearly 25 percent of graphic designers were self-employed which not only lets them have key input as to how many hours they work but also when and where they work them.

A bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field is typically expected for a career in this field, along with an aptitude for the creative arts. The average haul of a graphic designer in 2015? $21.22 per hour.

4. Accountant

While most accountants work full-time, many accounting specialists are finding part-time jobs to be particularly appealing. In fact, a recent survey of chief financial officers revealed that 72 percent of CFOs use temporary staffing solutions to help reach their accounting goals.

Most accountants have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field; becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) further improves job prospects. Not only do part-time accountants earn a competitive compensation of an average of $30.55 per hour, but some even receive employee benefits.

The ability to work part-time also allows unparalleled flexibility that is particularly appealing to everyone from students to people nearing retirement.

5. Computer Programmer

Computer programmers create software programs by writing code for an average hourly pay of $35.71 per hour. Most computer programmers have at least a bachelor’s degree, although an associate’s degree may suffice. However, because the field changes so rapidly, programmers are expected to keep up with its evolution through continuing education and professional development course.

One benefit enjoyed by computer programmers? The ability to telecommute from anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re simply in need of extra cash, looking for a change of pace, or require the flexibility of part-time work, these gigs offer high returns for workers in these fields. Looking for an inside edge on getting the part-time job of your dreams? Sign up for a job match alert.

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