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5 ways to cope with new job anxiety

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Starting a new job can be demanding, to say the least. You’re expected to learn about a new industry or technology and the day to day processes of a regular employee. That info dump can drain the life out of you and make anxious feelings bubble up to the surface.

If you’re feeling the pangs of anxiety during your first few days on the job, don’t fret. Here are the easiest ways to cope with anxiety in your new workplace. Keep in mind that these pieces of advice are not standard, and they should be modeled after each individual.

Find an outlet to relieve the stress

When stress and anxiety cloud your mind, it’s hard to motivate yourself completely to your new job and environment. Find an outlet, creative or otherwise, to help you unwind at the end of each day. Exercise, painting, and cooking are all great ways to decompress after a long day on the job. These hobbies allow you to focus your mental energy on something other than spreadsheets.

Personalize your workspace

When we feel great about the place we are in, we start to feel more comfortable. Thus, stress and anxiety can be released way easier. Transform your workplace/desk space into your own corner of peaceful energy. Treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of lavender and aromatic flowers, hang up pictures of family and friends on your wall and use bright colors to lighten up the place. You’ll find that you’re happier to return to the office when your space feels like a slice of home.

Find a work partner

We’ve talked about this sort of thing before, but it bears repeating! Finding a work friend eases the tension of a stuffy corporate office. You already have something in common with your coworkers so making a connection shouldn’t be much of a problem. When you connect with the people around you, you establish yourself as part of the team. Finding a work partner will boost your energy and lift your spirits throughout the first days of your new job! Knowing you have someone who understands you will help release stress and anxiety.

Accept yourself

Anxiety takes root in the subconscious mind. It’s normal to feel anxious at work if you’ve had rocky relationships at work in the past. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable enough being yourself or maybe you simply think too much (both in general and about what others think about you). The first step towards healing is acceptance, so accept who you are and that you’re an asset to your team; otherwise you wouldn’t have been hired! It’s much easier said than done, but even if you have to fake it ’til you make it eventually you’ll trick your brain into believing it.


Another effective anti-anxiety activity is meditation. Start by focusing on your breath. Bring your awareness to it and focus on that. When stressful thoughts start to bubble up, learn to observe it and push past it. Repeating this activity daily can eventually help you in recognizing your anxious thoughts and train you to look beyond them.

A new job can be an exciting time but it’s normal to be nervous about it. Take your time and know that eventually, you will become an expert in your role. Use these tips to ease yourself into mental wellness at the office.

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