Getting Started Job Search Tips

How to Enjoy Your Job Search

Written by Jessie Liu

One important aspect of searching for a new job is maintaining a positive attitude—believe it or not, your attitude can reflect on your ability to get a job. Taking the time to care for yourself and keep your spirits up, even with the situation may seem desperate, can lead you to job positions that you may not have thought of and a lifetime career doing something you really enjoy.

Keep Having Fun While Job Searching

Maybe money is a little tight, but you don’t have to let it cramp your style. Take a walk, go jogging, or do some volunteer work that makes you feel fulfilled. Do you like animals? Volunteer at an animal shelter, and spend some time with other animal lovers. If you’re into sports, you can join a league, or coach a children’s team at school. When your normal idea of a night out is to go to a movie, rent a movie and invite friends over for an evening of camaraderie. Fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Get a Part-time Job

While you’re waiting for that perfect job opportunity to come along, you can look for part-time jobs doing something else. It gives you a reason to leave the house every day, keeps you on a schedule, and you will meet new people. It also helps you focus energy in a positive way and gives you spending cash while you wait that you can use to pay bills and have a little fun.

Focus on the Positive

Looking at the jobs you had in the past can bring negativity into your life. Now is the time you can reinvent yourself and head in a new direction. Make a list of your skills, and choose a new career path that you find interesting and would enjoy doing. Just because you have worked in one area doesn’t limit you from branching out. While it’s great to have a job, it is even better when you are doing something you really enjoy.

Target Your Job Search

These days you might not hear back from potential employers when you submit a resume, but that represents modern times and is not a reflection on you or your abilities. Keep focused on the type of job you want and apply for a certain number of jobs per week. Look at it as a game that you can win.

Interviews Where You Didn’t Get the Job

When this happens, it is far from a negative experience. Being called for an interview, even if you don’t get the job, means you have the qualifications the employer is seeking for the position.

That means you are on the right track to finding the job you want. Make a game of practicing your interview skills. You can prepare a statement that you can practice in front of the mirror, so you will appear confident and relaxed during your next interview. Have a friend conduct a practice interview and ask for feedback or record it, so you know how you sound and where your interview skills could use improvement.

Keep on Top of Job Listings with Job Search Sites

Seeing an advertisement for a job you want and not responding quickly may mean the position has already been filled. While looking online for a new job can be helpful and might result in possible employment, you might want to take the easier route and have a company do the job search for you.

TheJobNetwork is a free website that does your job search for you and sends you appropriate listings by email when those jobs become available. In this way, you don’t miss any job opportunities and can be happy knowing you won’t miss getting that great job.

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