Are You Drinking Coffee the Right Way?

Written by Jessie Liu

For many people, it’s impossible to start the day without a cup of coffee. But how many of us are drinking it correctly? Do you know by consuming caffeine when it is not needed, your body will build a faster tolerance to it, and the buzz you get from it will greatly diminish?

A video from AsapScience looks at the prime time for your to drink your coffee. Believe it or not, according to science, the times to avoid drinking coffee are between 8am and 9am, 12pm and 1pm, and 5:30pm and 6:30pm. It’s because your cortisol level increases right when you wake up at any time, so you’d want to wait about an hour or so before grabbing a coffee. Watch the following video to find out if you are drinking coffee the right way!

Best Time to Drink Coffee According to Science:

best time to drink coffee

Are You Consuming Coffee Correctly?

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