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10 Great Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

jobs for people who love to travel
Written by Peter Jones

If you’re the type that doesn’t get antsy about travel, and wouldn’t prefer to stay within a 10-mile radius of home, then a career on the road might be for you. You might, of course, be thinking that a career not spent in one spot would require being an airline pilot or a traveling salesman, but you would be wrong.

Here are 10 great jobs for people who love to travel.

1. Travel Nurse

If you don’t mind being flexible, or shipped off at a moment’s notice to wherever you might be needed most, then working as a travel nurse might just be for you. You’ll have a variety of duties across a wide swatch of places, and you’ll be well-paid and in demand.

2. Athletic Talent Scout

Ever wonder how professional sports players make it from the minor to the major leagues? If you love sports and know enough to spot an ace when you see one, consider working for a franchise or team to bring in the new talent. You’ll want to know your chosen sport inside and out, and also be comfortable with the pressure of choosing the next big hope.

3. Roadie

Love music? Ever wish you could go out on tour with your favorite artist? It might just be possible. Work doing electrics or rigging or sound or stage-handing for one of your favorite local musicians, and you could up doing the same for the biggest stars.

4. Tour Guide

Want to move somewhere specific? Know a lot about that place and want to geek out even more? Tour guiding might just be for you. Learn your spot inside and out, then make everyone love it as much as you do, and you’ll be sure to succeed.

5. Civil Service

Consider applying to the U.S. State Department. See a different part of the world, get really in-depth in the issues, and still feel like you have something interesting to say at a dinner party. Almost regardless of your background, there might be a job in civil service for you. As long as you can pass the security clearance, you should be all right.

6. International Aid

Work for an independent aid organization and really help people around the globe. It’s important to want to help others—and to make a difference, but this can be an incredibly willing career. You’ll be paid well, but you still should love what you do.

7. Archaeologist

You’ll need a bit of schooling, and you’ll never quite be Indiana Jones, but you’ll get to dig up all sorts of extremely unique artifacts and feel like you’re unearthing history. If you like science and working outdoors and solving intricate, tedious mysteries, then this could be for you.

8. English Teacher

You probably imagine your high school English teacher standing in front of the same old class year after year. But imagine teaching ESL in various places all over the world. You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree, perhaps even a Master’s, but then the world is your oyster.

9. Field Service Tech

If you feel qualified to be a doctor of technology, but don’t want to have to get an advanced degree, you could consider working as a field service technician fixing broken mobile technology, cranes, elevators, trains, etc. You can work independently, for a company, or even for the government. And you can get most of your training directly on the job.

10. Yacht Crew

If you love the water and you don’t mind doing a bit of manual labor, you can absolutely see the world by crewing yachts. Live on a superyacht and stay in some of the most exciting ports in the world. You’ll hobknob with some of the biggest names in the business, and in the world, and you’ll spend a great deal of time outside in the most beautiful surroundings.


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