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The 4 Hottest Careers for Generation Y

Written by Peter Jones

Generation Y (whose members are generally in their late-20s and early-30s) are facing a job market with fewer, less attractive prospects. Here are four sectors with the 4 hottest careers for generation y that are growing, hiring, and exciting enough to hold your attention.


Everybody get sick and everybody gets old. But we’re getting better at managing and curing illness, and all of us are living longer. This means health professionals are in high demand. Whether you want to be a surgeon or a general practitioner or a medical assistant, or you want work on the administrative or research end of things, there will be jobs for you. High paying jobs. Jobs with flexibility for work life balance. And plenty of room for upward movement.


Engineers are also in demand—the healthcare, environment, and entertainment industries, to name a few, are increasingly requiring and seeking out the services of engineers. The comparatively high average salaries are also a plus.

Software development

Ever wonder who makes all those apps on your phone? Innovation never ceases, and as technologies advance, so does our drive for more software. If you have a passion for technology or good design and functionality, or you just like being on the cutting edge, this career is wide open—and pays extremely well.


The world is becoming more health and fitness conscious. Get in on this growing field while you still can. Athletic trainers are in higher and higher demand, and the field is expected to grow by 30% over the next 10 years. Fuse together a passion for sports, health expertise, and psychological training, and you can make bank helping athletes achieve their potential.


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