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The 5 Best Paying Jobs in Business Services

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Written by Amanda Nunez

When you think of a career in business, you may imagine someone wearing business attire conducting business at their desk inside their own small area of a larger business office. 

While this may not be entirely untrue—there’s a reason the word business carries so many connotations, after all—these offices are also full of people who fulfill a wide variety of roles vital to the continued operational success of their employers.

When it comes to choosing a job in the wide industry of business services, there are some positions that offer higher salaries than others.  In this blog, we have compiled the 5 highest-paying business jobs and how to land one.

HSE Advisor

If a business has to make sure its operations don’t negatively impact the wellbeing of employees or customers, that business probably employs a Health, Safety and Environmental advisor or an HSE advisor

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) advisors are responsible for developing policies and procedures that ensure safe working environments for companies. These individuals will stay current on the laws and best practices that regulate safety within a business’ industry. They’ll then use that information to evaluate the hazards in a workplace, keep management updated on available options for lowering the risk of a potential incident, and create new policies that remain both legal and in-line with company standards. 

In addition to their role protecting the employees of an organization, HSE advisors also help protect the customers and neighbors of a business by ensuring its compliance with environmental regulations and best practices.

HSE advisors can be found in organizations both private and public, with most positions requiring a college degree and offering salaries starting at approximately $70,000. Their business is people and policy, and they’re considerate to both when performing their duties. 

Medical and Health Services Manager

This is one of the highest paying business careers on the list—and if you’re currently browsing the web looking for positions in business, you may see this option at the top of a business careers list and salaries ranking.

A medical and health services manager is responsible for maintenance on the many cogs in the machine that is a healthcare provider. Nursing homes, hospitals, family practices and other centers of care have a medical and health services manager who works to keep these places running efficiently by working alongside other administrative staff, caregivers, insurance representatives, and other healthcare professionals. 

They’ll use those contacts and communication skills to effectively staff the organization, make sure it’s equipped with the budget and tools necessary to fulfill its mission, and keep it running smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

Professionals in this position are usually highly organized individuals who solve problems without losing sight of the details. Medical and health services manager job postings require a college degree. You can expect to make approximately $100,000, and demand for the field is expected to grow as healthcare facilities expand to meet demand. This means it has the potential to become one of the highest paying jobs in business management.

While it is not strictly necessary, many medical and health services managers seek a master’s degree to be considered for higher positions and potential salaries.

UI Architect

If a business has a digital product that it sells to customers, those customers need a way to interact with that digital product and put their purchase to use—think of the start button on your computer or home screen on your phone. Those experiences were designed by a UI architect as a way for you to talk to a digital product, and current market trends have pushed business into the digital age. 

Have you ever thought, “this app is good, but I know how it can be better,” you may want to consider pursuing the necessary qualifications for UI architect—usually a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science, along with an eye for design and functionality.

UI architects can expect to make approximately $150,000 a year as they lead a team of engineers, designers, and artists on the quest for user-product synergy. Most UI architects jobs require a college degree and programming experience. 

Financial Managers

Produce reports that project possible profits and explain current cash flow! Oversee the financial operations of major organizations! Compliance checks the business financial operations for adherence to regulations and legal parameters! 

If this sounds exciting—or like what you went to school for—then you should be in the market for a financial manager position. Financial managers oversee financial operations within an organization or company. These professionals use their communication skills and eye for detail to guide the continued financial health and future financial gains of a business. 

If you’ve been looking at this list wondering when business vernacular would make an appearance, here it is: derivatives. If you know your stuff and you’re well-equipped to take on securities, instruments and international finance, you’ll set yourself apart from the pack of job seekers in this field. Expect a salary of approximately $130,000 as compensation for your business acumen. Most  financial manager jobs require a college degree and at least 5 years of experience in a finance role.

Becoming part of a financial management team can be one of the highest paying entry-level jobs for business majors and high-profile financial management positions can be some of the highest paying jobs in business and finance.


In meteorology, experienced professionals use a combination of science, statistics, and established theory to make accurate predictions about the weather. Replace rain with money and you’re scratching the surface of an actuary’s role in the business world. 

Actuaries take everything known about financial theory and the history of markets, recorded statistics and proven mathematical concepts to track and manage financial risk. The job is a huge part of the insurance profession, but now other businesses are looking for actuaries to have a voice in their financial forecasts. 

The ideal actuary can apply market, industry and financial knowledge while dealing with changes to any and all of the above. They can expect to make approximately $100,000—if they want the job that’s highest paying, business majors may want to pursue other options, but an actuary is a fun, unique position that still applies a lot of the skills traditionally taught in business classrooms. Most job postings require a college degree and 7-8 years to pass all ten actuarial exams for full certification. However, during this process you can work and earn a salary bump with every actuarial exam you pass.

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