Top 8 Jobs for Cat Lovers

Written by Jessie Liu

are you a cat person? cats are much more independent than dogs. cat lovers tend to be open-minded, and respectful of cats’ ability to think for themselves. cat lovers are often introverted, sensitive and intelligent. their jobs should allow them to work independently.

of course, finding a perfect career isn’t as easy as picking a side on the dog person or cat person debate. but if you are a cat lover and would rather hang out with cats than people, consider these occupations:

1. cat sitter


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people love their cats and they want the best cat sitter to look after their cats. it is not easy to find a good cat sitter. many pet sitters aren’t cat people and thus don’t understand cat’s little quirks. if you love spending time with cats, and want to be your own boss, consider starting your own cat sitting business.

to become a responsible and professional cat sitter, you should definitely look into taking first aid and cpr courses. get liability insurance and bond if that’s a requirement in your state.

make yourself visible in the community, spread the words. it is especially effective if you start sitting your friends and family cats, build up your resume. you could also post flyers at local veterinary offices, animal rescue centers, and pet stores. you can also start your social media channels. cats and pet lovers are all over instagram, facebook and pinterest.

2. cat writer or blogger

cat writer and blogger

if writing is your thing and you obviously love cats, become a cat writer or blogger! start your own blog, write about cat food, cat health or cat fun. you can also reach out to established pet blogs and offer to write for them. you never know where it might take you.

kate benjamin started her blog, moderncat.com, in 2008 to share her favorite design finds for cat lovers. she has expanded her blog to include a design studio, a distribution business and an online magazine for design conscious cat people.

check out cat writer association if you are interested in starting your career as a cat writer.

3. cat café owner

cat cafe owner

the cat café is finally trending in europe and the united states. the first cat café opened in taiwan in 1998. cat lovers who cannot have their own cat can visit cat café. usually, it is so popular among locals and tourists, and it is usually fully booked a month or so in advance.

people visit cat café to play and relax with cats. playing with cats can be such a stress reliever, it is especially popular in dense cities. in addition to making a profit from food and drinks, you can also charge adminission fee. you can even turn your café into a cat shop.

4. catnip seller

catnip seller

a catnip bag costs around $2, and you can make a huge profit from selling toys filled with catnip. catnip sellers are known as the drug dealer of the cat world! you can sell these on amazon, etsy or even start your own online store. you can get your supply from your local pet shop.

5. professional cat catcher


you can actually make up to $80 – $100 an hour catching cats. if you trust your cat instinct and can catch a cat, then start your own cat-catching business. start by reading jordana’s serebrenik’s book.

6. veterinary


veterinary is one of the most rewarding career choice for animal lovers. to become a veterinarian, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree that’s heavy in science and then go to a veterinary school to complete a 4 year doctorate of veterinary medicine.

although it’s a long process before becoming a veterinarian, there’s plenty of opportunities after school. u.s. department of labor reports that veterinarian jobs are expected to grow by 36% from 2010 to 2020.

7. veterinary technician / veterinary assistant

veterinary technician

if you don’t fancy school, then maybe become a veterinary technician or veterinary assistant. both jobs give you the same opportunity to work closely with cats.

to become a veterinary technician, you’ll need to finish a postsecondary program in veterinary technology, which is usually 2 years. you’ll also need to be registered and licensed, depending on the state you want to practice in.

if 2 years is still too long for you, you can become a veterinary assistant. many college offer comprehensive training programs that can be completed in under a year, and sometimes, employers offer on the job training, so you can skip school altogether.

8. thinking outside of the cat box

thinking outside of cat box

if you don’t like any of the traditional career paths listed above, no worries, start thinking outside of the kitty box for ways to earn your living as a cat lover. your ideal cat profession might not exist yet. your purrfect cat career is just around the corner and your cat instinct might be your best career guide.


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