How to write a delivery driver resume (with examples)

Written by Kate Lopaze

It may not be the open road of long-haul trucking, but driving a truck on a delivery route is a job with a lot of upside if you have the driving skills and a mind for logistics. It’s a detail-oriented job that can help you develop customer service and logistics skills that will serve you well, whether you want to stay a driver or move on to other jobs or fields.

Let’s look at three different types of drivers (food delivery, package delivery, and delivery driver seeking to shift into a managerial role) and what their resumes look like.

First up is Kevin, who’s a food service delivery driver.


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Kevin Burgess

888 Carson Court

Evanston, IL 12121

(111) 222-3333


Safe, licensed driver · Excellent Customer Service


Experienced driver with excellent customer service skills and stellar on-time delivery record. Strong focus on brand and customer development through high-quality food delivery.


  • Meeting and exceeding on-time metrics
  • Clean driving record with a focus on safe travel
  • Friendly and courteous demeanor
  • Working as part of a team


Food Delivery Driver                                                             2015 – present

Pizza World                                                                                       Evanston, IL

Deliver customer orders quickly and efficiently, while maintaining high company and food quality standards.

  • Have achieved a 100% success rate under Pizza World’s “40 minutes or it’s free” delivery policy
  • Consistently receive excellent customer feedback
  • Awarded “Driver of the Month” 7 times since 2015
  • Process payment (cash and credit) quickly and accurately.

Delivery Driver                                                                        2013 – present

The Daily Bugle                                                                                Chicago, IL

Deliver newspapers on a daily route to commercial and retail customers.

  • Consistent and accurate delivery to newspaper customers before business hours
  • Troubleshoot when there are delivery issues such as blocked entrances, traffic issues


“With fast delivery and a friendly smile, Kevin is one of the main reasons I keep Pizza World at the top of my takeout rotation.”—FoodShoutz user PizzaDude918

“Could not ask for better delivery than I receive from Pizza World. My food is fresh, hot, and fast every single time!”—FoodShoutz user amyB


Illinois State Driver’s License

2012 – present

Emmanuel High School

High School Diploma

As he works on his resume, Kevin knows that his biggest asset is his great customer service record, so he makes sure to play that up at every point in the resume. He only has a couple of years’ experience, so he starts by featuring his skills, setting the narrative with a headline, summary, and bullets. For his work experience, he focuses on his efficiency and skills, using the bullets to play up the skills he highlighted at the top. Kevin also customizes his resume further by adding direct customer feedback. This is not a necessary part of a resume, but if you have specific praise you can share, especially when you work in a public-facing job, adding a blurb or two can really help emphasize your professional skills.

Next up is Andie, a slightly different kind of delivery driver—packages and freight instead of food.


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Andie Bennett

444-111-2222 · 249 Bensonhurst Ave · Tarrytown, NY 00000


CDL-Certified Driver with an Impeccable Record of On-Time Delivery


  • Meeting on-time metrics and delivering goods efficiently and free of damage
  • Troubleshooting road and mechanical issues
  • Providing prompt and courteous service
  • Tracking and managing shipments with a high degree of accuracy


Class B CDL – State of New York

2001 – present (renewed every 4 years)


Diamond Solutions, Inc.                                                

Route Delivery Driver           

August 2011 – present

  • Transport shipments and goods within a set route, with a demonstrated ability to navigate heavy urban traffic.
  • Maintain truck, keeping them safe and in compliance with mechanical and safety best practices.
  • Review invoices with customers, and obtain shipper and receiver signatures.
  • Keep detailed delivery and receiving records.
  • Expert use of FocusShip inventory and tracking software.

Better Boxes Shipping

Route Delivery Driver

May 2004 – August 2011

  • Loaded and executed delivery of customer shipments in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Monitored all outgoing shipments for completeness and accuracy
  • Maintained mileage log and conducted pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections.
  • Escalated damage reports, shipping discrepancies, and customer issues to sales representatives.

At Your Door Delivery Inc.

Route Delivery Driver

February 2000 – April 2004

  • Dated, stocked, and rotated product upon delivery.
  • Handled customer invoicing.
  • Verified accuracy of purchases orders.
  • Maintained driver log according to state and federal regulation


  • Customer service
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Accurate logging and reporting
  • Safe driving in a variety of weather and traffic conditions
  • Excellent time management
  • Working with digital shipping management systems
  • Troubleshooting delivery issues

Delivery Dispatcher

March 1998 – February 2000

  • Provided phone support for customers.
  • Directed delivery drivers and coordinated shipments.
  • Acted as a liaison between driver team and customer support team.


Tractor Trailer Training University

CDL Certification, Class B

Forrester Community College

Associate’s Degree, Business Studies

Framingham High School

High School Diploma

Andie has several things going for her resume: she has a specific license that is important in her field and a long and solid history of driving. She uses a “core competencies” summary at the beginning to set the narrative for the rest of her resume. These aren’t word-for-word the bullets that will appear later on, but rather a highlight reel of the points she wants to emphasize. She also makes sure that her CDL is featured prominently as well, as it shows that she is qualified and experienced with handling large trucks. Her experience may not be entirely limited to her driving and shipping career, but here she chooses to focus on those jobs because they’re relevant to the job she’s seeking next. High school waitressing jobs or a way-back office internship have little bearing on the professional she is now or the job she wants to seek, so editing your resume to include the most relevant points of your job is important.

Next is Franco, who has been a delivery driver, but wants to move up to a management/overseeing role.


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Franco Rogers Jr.

56 Main Street

Sioux Falls, SD 21212

(555) 000-1111


LinkedIn: FQRogersJr

Seasoned driver and logistics expert seeking to leverage teambuilding and management skills into a supervisory role. More than 20 years of on-the-road experience as a driver, managing shipments and deliveries of varying sizes in different conditions, and mentoring junior drivers.


  • Coordinating and executing large-scale deliveries
  • Planning routes and logistics
  • Teambuilding among peers and new employees
  • Solving day-to-day issues in delivery, driving, and execution of logistics
  • Ensuring accuracy and quality of incoming and outgoing shipments


Lead Route Delivery Driver                                                   June 2010 – present

Lightning Shipping

  • Load and deliver large daily shipments to commercial and residential customers in the metropolitan Sioux Falls area.
  • Serve as mentor for trainee drivers and new employees, including proposing and implementing a “ride-along” program that has become standard company policy for new and prospective hires.
  • Process shipments via digital inventory management tools, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Work directly with customers to assess quality issues (damage, completeness of order) and escalate to the appropriate customer service teams as necessary.

Route Delivery Driver                                                                        January 2000 – June 2010


  • Delivered shipments of varying size for a large ecommerce fulfillment facility, with routes throughout South Dakota.
  • Served as the employee representative on the company advisory board, attending quarterly meetings and participating in periodic feedback sessions.
  • Handled shipments with excellent accuracy and on-time-completion.
  • Cultivated a strong customer base by providing top-notch customer service.

Delivery Driver                                                                       October 1997 – December 1999

Subs ‘R Us

  • Delivered food to customers in a timely manner.
  • Reviewed orders pre-delivery to ensure completeness and quality.
  • Managed routes to maximize delivery efficiency.
  • Provided attentive and courteous customer service.


Omega University

Management Training Course, completed 2017

Branford Area High School

High School Diploma


Microsoft Office

On-board delivery tracking systems (FastShip, Delivery Target)

Inventory management software expertise

Franco has more than 20 years of experience on the road, but because he’s angling to turn that experience into a different kind of role—a more managerial office job, specifically—he wants his resume to show that he’s ready to take that next step. So instead of diving right in with the experience, he uses a detailed summary statement and bullet points to give an overall pictue of his logistics know-how, making sure to mention leadership qualities like coordinating and managing people. His experience bullets support those narrative points that he wants to hit, without just recycling the bullets. He also makes sure that his Education section includes a management course he took. Not all education bullet points have to be completed degrees—relevant coursework or academic work should be included if it’s relevant to the job you’re seeking.

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