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8 Jobs Where You Can Be Your Own Boss

Written by Peter Jones

working hard and never seeming to get anywhere? your salary doesn’t stretch that far and there are few raises on the horizon? your coworkers don’t seem to be pulling the same weight you are, and yet you feel totally stuck in the hamster wheel of the working world?

maybe it’s time to consider being your own boss for once. this doesn’t need to be a pipe dream. there are careers out there in which you can determine your own salary, work on your own terms, and the sky can be the limit.

here are 8 jobs where all this and more could be possible if you work hard enough.

1. real estate agent

you’ll need at least a high school diploma, plus a real estate license, but then you can earn an average wage of between $50 and $111k per year. real estate agents work on commission, so the more properties you sell, the more you’ll make. houses, commercial buildings, plots of land, farms, you name it. if you can sell it, you can earn. and remember that commissions will be higher the higher the value of the property. focus on the high-end stuff and start raking it in.

2. real estate broker

for the same amount of education and training, you can make even more money (an average of $80-$167k per year). as a broker, you can sell properties yourself and also manage an agency of other sellers, earning a percentage of their sales and overseeing the business as a whole. in this job, the amount you can earn is almost limitless. start as an agent, and work your way up.

3. medical device sales

with a bachelor’s degree—or just a high school diploma, you can earn an average of between $50 and $165k per year. as sales jobs go, this is one of the most complex. it requires a great deal of knowledge of the products, and a great talent for selling things to doctors and medical professionals who are wary of being sold to. you might also have to be trained in demonstrating your products in action. it’s a demanding and competitive field, but can be incredible lucrative and flexible.

4. freelance writing

the education required is utterly negotiable, but the rewards are high. if you have the talent, you have the opportunity to write all over the internet—from blogs to website content to articles, whatever you can find. the first jobs are often the hardest to find, but success builds more and more success.

you’ll want to be familiar with blog platforms like wordpress and online media. once you get started, your only limit is the amount of time you can devote to writing more and more pieces.

5. insurance sales agent

you’ll need a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree, but the money can be excellent. some of these jobs pay a fairly standard salary, but some offer a smaller salary and the potential for enormous commissions. you’ll need to put your money where your mouth is and perform, but if you’re up for it, you can really make bank.

6. sales manager

you’ll have to work your way up in sales first in order to get to this level, but you can nearly double your money if you’re good enough. you’ll manage your own sales team, but also have the ability to make sales on your own in addition. that means commissions for you, plus a percentage of your subordinates’ commissions. you’ll need to be a good leader as well, able to motivate people to perform almost as well as you.

7. personal finance advisor

you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, but you can make anywhere from an average of $118 to $153k per year. this is another job that works mostly on commissions. you’ll have to have a sound financial mind and a knowledge of how the market works, in order to help clients manage their investments, but it can pay off for you as well.

8. sales engineer

you’ll need a bachelor’s degree for this position as well, but the monetary potential is solid. sales engineers sell scientific and tech products to companies and corporations. you’ll need a good base in sales, plus the ability to manage relationships and assert your skills with confidence. public speaking, technical presentations, and sweet talking will stand you in good stead too.

so if you’re drudging away for the man and don’t feel you’re earning up to your full potential, consider breaking free of the mold and taking the courageous steps towards building your own self-determined career.


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