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10 High Paying Entry Level Construction Jobs (No Degree Required)

Written by Peter Jones

Want to work a job in construction, but don’t have your college degree? If this is you, then you can get very satisfying work that you may find quite rewarding, albeit physically demanding.

Here are the 10 highest paying entry level construction jobs that only require a high school diploma. Some of these jobs might even hire you with just a GED. Construction work is actually higher paid than most jobs that don’t require a college education. So go ahead, make some money.

1. Solar voltaic installation

The median pay is just over $40k or so per year. This technology—installing solar panels on roofs and structures—will only get more popular, and jobs more plentiful.

2. Carpentry

An oldie but a goodie. Median pay is just under $41k per year to do this classic construction work framing and finishing buildings and other structures.

3. Equipment operation

Median pay for this is just under $43k per year. This heavy machinery is very dangerous to operate, so you make a bit more. But if you have the necessary skills and training, go for it.

4. Sheet metal work

Median pay for sheet metal work is just above $45k per year. If metal is your medium, this work might be for you.

5. Ironwork

Make median pay of just over $45k per year working with iron and structural steel.

6. Plumbing, pipefitting, steamfitting

Median pay for this line of work is upwards of $50k per year, and can cover piping needs for waste, water, gas lines, etc.

7. Electrical

Electricians make upwards of $51k per year in median pay. If wiring and lighting are strong points for you, this is a lucrative gig.

8. Inspecting

Construction and building inspectors make a median wage of over $56k per year, and are a crucial part of making sure that codes are being followed to the letter.

9. Boilermaking

Boilermakers can pull in just under $60k per year in median pay installing and repairing boilers and other systems that handle gases and liquids.

10. Elevator installation and repair

Literally rise to the top, with a median annual salary over $78k. It’s the highest paid construction gig around, and worth getting in at the ground floor… so to speak.

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